Wife Roma of the Beast thinking about divorce after his “drunken” antics

Жена Ромы Зверя задумалась о разводе после его «пьяных» выходок The wife of the singer had almost left him, tired of the regular parties, strangers at home and aggression of a loved one. This event seriously affected the attitude of the artist to the darling and forced him to change the way of life.
Жена Ромы Зверя задумалась о разводе после его «пьяных» выходок

Famous musician Roma Zver happy with Marina Queen for 12 years. A couple little talks about living together and trying to protect children from the increased attention of the public. The affair with the beloved singer hid for several years. The undersigned also secretly lovers – in 2004. The ceremony was just family and closest friends. Fans are well aware that the soloist of group “Beasts” happy with the status of a good husband and father. But as it turned out, in the relationship with his beloved he didn’t always everything went smoothly.

In the new book “the Sun behind us,” Roman lifted the veil of secrecy and told about the turning point, which they with the wife have gone through.

“The Marina suffered a lot. Sometimes, we drove from the tour, felt like drinking in the train and together with Kirill Martynov and had come to our house to continue. And here’s the situation: Marina opens the door, comes this drunk shobla. Libation of alcohol, songs, disputes, curses flying from the window of a guitar. I was throwing out, why not say: I was drunk. This desire for destruction and aggression. Heart dope something out. Plus the fact that we are known for: I’m a star, take a bath, if someone does not like it. Marina was tired and at one point said, “I’m leaving.” She was going to, but did not. I changed…” – says the artist on the pages of the book.
Жена Ромы Зверя задумалась о разводе после его «пьяных» выходок

Since Roman Bilyk look at family life. In 2015 he first shot his wife in the video for the song “Walk”, and not so long ago on his personal photo exhibition presented to the public a few pictures with her image.

Rum the Beast has gained popularity after I met with the composer and music video Director Alexander Voitinsky. In 2001 they created the group “Animals”. Already in 2004, the musicians filled the concert hall “Luzhniki”, and a year later even entered the list of the richest Russian stars.

“We took the “Luzhniki”. Small sports arena. The yips started closer to the concert due to the fact that we can not make something to rehearse, I don’t have time to come up with clothes for yourself. I always think what will come on stage, I can’t wear old concert t-shirt that was at the soundcheck. Only if some kind of worn out, forgotten, found, did not, – says the artist. – For the “Luzhniki” I had four costume prepared. In the losses between the musical blocks I was changing. Two hours to play wet Micah to death when the person is flowing, in the eyes pours is don’t see anything, very frustrating. And in front of so many people! It’s like the guy a girl will come out dirty things. We all painted: the sequence of songs that will occur in the pauses, to avoid any bends or sags. We’re playing two albums at once. I had to allocate their forces to remain in the last song”.

Жена Ромы Зверя задумалась о разводе после его «пьяных» выходок

It would seem, to win glory and recognition for the musician and his team managed in the short term, but few people know that had to endure a future star to rise.

It turns out that to earn on life, Roman worked in construction while doing my favorite thing – music. Because of lack of money once he even had to go to the city on foot. Similar stories uncensored accumulated in the life of a musician so much that he dedicated his second book. The publication will be available in late August. The first book “Rains-pistols” Roman Bilyk wrote in 2006. It was dedicated to his life before moving to Moscow from his native Taganrog.