Брежнева сразила Киану Ривза откровенным разрезом на платье

The singer took part in a charity Gala evening UNAIDS in Basel, which was dedicated to the fight against HIV and AIDS.

In the evening you could see a lot of stars, among whom was Keanu Reeves. The actor gladly posed for photographers arm in arm with Vera Brezhneva. And we can easily understand: the singer looked at the traditions stunning and very sexy.

On the red carpet Brezhnev appeared in a sexy black set consisting of a three-dimensional “men’s” shirt and a slinky skirt with a ruffle and an impressive cut. Despite the simplicity of the outfit, the singer could easily compete with any Hollywood star! It’s all in the details: a pair of unbuttoned buttons at the bust and a provocative slit at the hem did the trick – this evening from Vera Brezhneva was simply impossible to tear off eyes!

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