Дышат в спину: как дети звезд зарабатывают большие деньги Rating offspring that comes on the heels of stellar parents. For someone with a good source of income are a good advertising contracts, for others the ways to earn are reduced to using his own popularity in social networks, and still others are leading, actors, models.

      Дышат в спину: как дети звезд зарабатывают большие деньги

      In the spotlight and on the covers of glossy magazines the lives of children of celebrities seems to be chic and carefree, but many of them already from the cradle make their own money. For someone with a good source of income are a good advertising contracts, for others the ways to earn are reduced to using his own popularity in social networks, and still others are leading, actors, models… in short, the heirs of famous names from childhood you know the expense of money and very successful job to make money. “StarHit” remembered the younger workers, who at a young age started to work and build a career. Our readers voted for my favorites and made a rating of the offspring that comes on the heels of stellar parents.

      1 place

      Semyon Syomin

      3 years 11 months

      “Sunny” a boy born in the family of Evelina Bledans 1 April 2012, in 6 months he got his first advertising contract. Simon starred in Pampers commercials.

      – Sam drew attention to children with special needs, such as he, –told “StarHit” the boy’s father, Alexander Semin. – We want to erase the well-established in the society of the border.

      Simon has already managed to play a major role in the music video, went with mom to the podium, he is the star of instagram and the person “Seminars” – media platforms on which parents of children with down syndrome to share experiences and get tips from the best Russian specialists.

      Before each project I lead him in serious negotiations, we are discussing the terms of his barter, and to pay cookies, – says Alexander.

      2nd place

      Marianne and Philip Gazmanov

      12 and 18

      Дышат в спину: как дети звезд зарабатывают большие деньги

      Children of the artist do not seem spoiled teenagers – still, with such a father meeting on the beach. “My main task is to give them a good education”, – said Oleg Budargin. Marianne goes to school with a theatrical-musical bias, and Philip in the elite College of London.

      – Marianne first fee received in 6 years, and a fur coat! She participated in the fashion show and liked so much to organizers that she paid fur coats, – has shared with “Stricom” Oleg Gazmanov. – Philip draws from his childhood, my friends from the world of culture speak positively about the results of his work. Until he reflects on his fascination with the financial side, but some of his work for a tidy sum acquired at a charity auction in England, and another he sold over the Internet.

      Many sites on the Net, by the way, are full of photographs of Philip – a young man is pleased to take part in promotional photo shoots, showing off a perfect figure, but it is only in the free lessons.

      – Philip does not know what to do in the future. Thinks about business. Rodion also with honors graduated from the Financial Academy, but still went back to work. “Can’t live without music, dad” said, – continues Oleg Mikhailovich. – So what about the younger to speak while early.

      3rd place

      Stefania Malikov

      16 years

      Дышат в спину: как дети звезд зарабатывают большие деньги

      The star of instagram, a sophomore Stephania, not asking for money from my parents pocket money, the girl herself is able to give mom and dad expensive gifts.

      – Remember the first earnings, along with my dad I had a commercial Avon, – has shared with “Stricom” Stesha. – The fee was about 40 thousand rubles – I have them carefully stored, and when I went on vacation to new York, bought a small red purse, which was the dream. Earlier the singer’s daughter wanted to enter the faculty of fundamental medicine at MSU, but has revised views in favor of journalism in MGIMO.

      – I do not think that the man should earn, and the woman sitting at home, knitting and cooking. My goal is to fulfill your potential and have a steady income, continues Stephanie. – While any contract monitors and signs for my mom, and participation in a particular survey and can discuss as a family.

      At the end of last year, the girl for the duet song with the artist Ercisson received the “Golden gramophone” and was criticized in social networks.

      – Of course, it was a shame to read bad things in social networks, but I’m learning to develop immunity against them. I will always strive for the best, to devote more time to singing and dancing, says Stesha.

      4 place

      Timothy Priluchny

      3 years

      Дышат в спину: как дети звезд зарабатывают большие деньги

      The son of actors Paul and Agatha muceniece Priluchny will soon compete with the younger generation – March 3, mother gave birth to his sister.

      – Timothy participated many times with us in the filming: and for magazines, and in several commercial projects, – told “StarHit” Agatha. But until he understands that this is a job that his parents are public people.

      He enjoys posing on instagram, Paul and Agatha, advertising clothes and toys it until his fee.

      – Tima is not always in the mood, ‘ says Agatha. Children – they’re so sensitive, you have to seize the moment. If he smiles or builds a face on the pictures, be sure to post it and I thank the company who sent the gift.

      5th place

      Yana and Artem Arshavin

      7 and 10 years

      Дышат в спину: как дети звезд зарабатывают большие деньги

      The eldest son of Julia Baranovskaya on the scene already a professional – Artem soloist in “Fidgets” and even spoke on the Kremlin stage in front of the President. And on the podium by Jan Theme and feel like professional models. They participated in shows of children’s clothing lines of fashion brands. And recently signed its first recording contract and she starred in a commercial for Adidas.

      Was a bit scary that I will make some mistake, – said Artem. – But they say that I did it like a real professional actor.

      The camera guys did not bother, because they often give interviews and pose for photographers with her mother.

      6 place

      Alexander Strizhenova

      15 years

      Дышат в спину: как дети звезд зарабатывают большие деньги

      Record ninth-graders are more like summary experienced actress. She participated in promotional projects shall be played in several films and TV shows, led the program “My favorite animals” on TVC, sang in the musical.

      Debut on television took place very soon after discharge from the hospital. Mom starred in a commercial for some children’s cosmetics with me in her arms, – said Sasha “Stricom”. – Of course, I don’t remember, only parents.

      Traditionally, with each of the fee buys the girl loved ones nice gifts, but the big spending consults with the mother.

      – The first serious salary for shooting the film “Love-carrot”, the Director who spoke dad, I acquired a bike, – says Sasha. – And in that year, with the money, flew to spend the holidays with older sister Anastasia in new York, and there made their shopping.

      Aside from work, she still manages to study well, to become a professional dance and don’t forget about tutoring for admission to the University.

      In my priorities of Moscow state University, MGIMO and the Higher school of Economics – continues Alexander. – Want to get a good education in the future from anybody not to depend. And time for creativity is always there, when there is a desire!

      7 place

      Gregory Vernick

      16 years

      Дышат в спину: как дети звезд зарабатывают большие деньги

      The son of popular actor has not yet decided in which direction to build a career, but the work is already done. In 2012, together with father Gregory tried his hand as a presenter of the show “School of music” on TV channel “Yu” and in 2014 – in the movie, playing a leading roles in the movie “the one”.

      – To the stage Grisha pulls, at school, he gladly goes to school theater club, but the music school he graduated only because of my iron “it is necessary”, – told “StarHit” Igor Vernik. But now she didn’t regret, occasionally sits at the piano and self-learning to play the guitar. I think this is very important – the music develops the soul.

      Contracts on television and in movies as a teenager was signed Papa said, son early still. And star fever does not suffer Gregory, coming summer even decided to apply for an internship at a restaurant.

      We discussed with him that it will be a rewarding experience – even worked as a waiter. He knows the value of money and treat them very nicely! I, for example, after 9-th class in the holidays he worked as a loader in the store to go to the sea, – says Igor.

      8 place

      Alexander Plushenko

      3 years

      Дышат в спину: как дети звезд зарабатывают большие деньги

      Blog son of producer Yana Rudkovskaya and figure skater Yevgeny Plushenko firmly ranked in the top Russian instagram. The account of Genomica Dwarf, so the family called the boy, more than 80 thousand subscribers. Here he is with mom not only shares sketches from his life, but also showcases fashionable clothes, what a gift from well-known brands receives clothes. Sentences young blogger galore! And first money, and rather big, Sasha received for participating in the advertisement of toothpaste R. O. C. S.

      – Sasha million earned when he was only a year and a half. Steadfastly stand together with me and Eugene for three days on the set, – said Yana Rudkovskaya.

      9 place

      Anastasia Grishaeva

      20 years

      Дышат в спину: как дети звезд зарабатывают большие деньги

      The first employer Nastya became her famous mother. In 2010, the actress has released a book called ≪Advice to my daughters. Dad’s and mom’s reclining, and the illustrations to the edition prepared by Anastasia.

      Then the daughter was still studying at art school in Moscow. She draws from childhood, and the teachers say she has a real talent – shared with * Starita≫ the girl’s stepfather, actor Alexander Nesterov. Now she is concentrating education, time to work, does not remain.

      Nastya is studying at the faculty of graphics and illustrations of the prestigious College in Cambridge. Graduates of the institution are in demand in fashion houses Dior and Louis Vuitton, Armani and others. While the creations of young talents can be seen on her Facebook page, but maybe soon Grishaeva name will appear on billboards around the world.

      10 place


      16 years

      The famous mom is happy to share the success model of career Marousi in social networks and endorses the choice of his daughter. In fact, she first put her hand on the podium within BOSCOFASHIONWEEK. The girl has managed to participate in the filming of not only Russian but also foreign designers and became even Burberry.

      As children work, but we still think they are small, – has shared with “Stricom” Julia. I am proud to be Maracineni steps in the fashion world.

      Blonde beauty goes hard to the goal. When dreamed of becoming a singer, took voice lessons, studied acting at the theatre ≪Practices≫ and even recorded a cover version of Rihanna’s song Stay. And now lives between Moscow and Miami and replenishes fresh portfolio shots.

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