Любой желающий может стать обладателем личных вещей Людмилы Гурченко
Today will auction the Metropol hotel in Moscow.

Lyudmila Gurchenko


Personal belongings Lyudmila Gurchenko auctioned, the event will be held today in hotel “Metropol” in Moscow.

All funds raised will go towards the development of Museum workshop Gurchenko, which is located in Trekhprudny lane.

This Museum exists as a private initiative of the wife of the legendary actress Sergey Senin. “After Lucy left not only a huge creative heritage, but also an incredible amount of things. Only invented and made by her hands costumes and accessories more than two hundred. Need to attract experienced professionals and experts of different profiles, to employ employees, pay for utilities and office services, to purchase mannequins, showcases, and everything that is important for healthy living Museum”, — told Senin.

Just put about 50 lots, including manuscripts, photographs, autographs, clothes and accessories Gurchenko. In this case, the starting price of the gowns the Actresses will be 400 thousand rubles.

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