Эксперты: «Дивергент, глава 3» провалится в прокате

The third part of the franchise will not become as popular as the previous two.

And this is evidenced by several facts…

First, the film “Divergent, Chapter 3: Behind the wall” took place very quietly. Only in new York managed to collect a sufficient number of celebrities.

Secondly, a week of box-office takings of the film left much to be desired. Last week the creators managed to earn about $25 million And this despite the fact that the cost was more than $100 million.

For comparison, the first part of “Divergent” in its first weekend has collected about $54 million, the second a little less.

But filmmakers are not going to be discouraged and are going to shoot the fourth part. Its premiere is scheduled for summer 2017.

Reasons for the unpopularity of “Divergent” may be several: advertising campaign ill-conceived, boring plot, most of konkurencia.

By the way, the main competitor of the third part of the franchise was the cartoon Disney “Zeropolis”, especially in Russia. According to the latest data, over two week rental in our country is a movie about animals ranked second in the list of top grossing Premier. The first was “Deadpool”, released in early February.

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