Брэндон Дженнер разводится с женой после 14 лет отношений

Half-brother of Kim Kardashian, blood brother of Kendall and Kylie Jenner and son of Bruce, aka Kathleen Jenner, 37 — year-old Brandon Jenner divorces his wife Leah after 14 years of marriage. Their relationship began in high school, and to this day the pair were together. The couple has a daughter 3-year-old Eva James.

“We think it’s a time when we can share with you my very personal news. After the celebration of the 14th anniversary of our affair, we have decided to end the romantic aspect of the relationship. We are proud of the life you lived together, and grateful for the friendship that we have at this moment. It is stronger than anything in the world. Even though we no longer exist as a couple, we still really love each other and remain an important part of life. We are the best friends, family and loving parents to our daughter. Between us there are no lies, betrayal or fight for anything. We just became a little different and is now ready to support each other at a distance,” — said in a statement the pair in Instagram.

At the time, brother Kim gets divorced, the star enjoys new things. Beloved Kim gave her a Mercedes G-Wagon in neon yellow color. The car looks gorgeous in the style of the stars. This is how to notice the beautiful dress in the shop window — Kim had rented a jeep on time travel in Miami, and that she liked it so much that Kanye has decided to buy his wife. “When I went to the gym, I saw this car and thought: “Damn, whose the girl?”. I so much like this SUV that I kept talking about it with Kylie on the phone. Then it turned out that it’s a surprise from Kanye. This is my dream car!” For the car the rapper gave 240 thousand dollars.

In this outfit Kim does not end there. The star decided to match the gift and decided to pick up a new wig. Kim revealed on instagram her new collection of wigs that I bought specifically to go to the new machine. Here and two cool colors, one a pale yellow and a couple neons.