Алек Болдуин считает, что Хейли рано выходить замуж

Hailey Baldwin is only 21, but she is already seriously thinking about marriage with 24-year-old Justin Bieber. He had already proposed to her, and the pair enrolled on the Church in the course of the family life. Guys happy, but uncle Haley Alec Baldwin believes that to reach that age before.

“The people who are going to marry so early — and they are very young, I would advise not to rush and to just live with each other. I’m older than both of them, but I got married only a few years ago. My wife and four children that have emerged over the last four and a half years. We have many small children in the house. And I say that all the decisions I take now, based on the plans of his family. Sometimes I predlagyut the role for which you need to leave town for five weeks, to take my family with me I can’t. In this case, I always refuse offers. If you want the marriage was a happy one, you should always be close to my family. You should be together. But it is now such a crazy career, he’s a superstar,” says Alec.

The most interesting that Hayley’s father William Baldwin wants to Alec led the wedding ceremony. Would he?

Recall that now there is an active preparation for the wedding. Pastor Lentz is helping the stars prepare for marriage and future family life.

The singer gave his beloved a great engagement ring that boasted a model on the cover of the latest issue of Brazilian and Japanese Vogue. Photographers especially preferred to create a black-and-white frame, which clearly shows the engagement ring.

“Justin looked at the diamond, and I asked him what he sees inside this stone. He said he sees the face of Haley,” says the jeweler Jack Solow.

Justin was directly involved in creating a special ring for his beloved. According to the jeweler, Justin elaborated on his view of design and additional elements. Ring of yellow gold complements the 18-carat diamond.