Брэди Питт покупает жилье в Хорватии, где будет жить после развода с Джоли

A month has passed in vain, if some foreign tabloid wrote about the impending divorce of Angelina Jolie and brad pitt.

This time to “dissolve” a large couple came from Inquisitr. According to information published on the pages of the magazine, pitt and Jolie are in active consultations with his lawyers, because in the near future are preparing to end their marriage.

It is noteworthy that a couple intends to divorce, but also to move away from each other geographically: Jolie remains in the “States,” while pitt is looking a new home in Croatia.

It is known that the last straw that broke the patience of Angelina was the act of the brad on the anniversary of their wedding. Jolie waited for this day, pitt spend with the family. However, a few days before the “day x” between them once again ran a black cat”, and now brad are off and running with his friends in Croatia, where he spent several days. Angelina stayed home with the kids.

How these reports are true, hard to say. Waiting for comment from the couple or their representatives.