Анастасия Макеева объяснила, как заполнила пустоту после разрыва с супругом The actress has learned to live again. Anastasia Makeeva realized that very little paid time to myself while she was married Gleb Matveychuk. After a breakup with her husband, the star gets a lot of new friends with different people, and also deals with the fact that she was interested.

      Анастасия Макеева объяснила, как заполнила пустоту после разрыва с супругом

      Anastasia Makeeva enjoy the freedom. After separating from her husband Gleb Matveychuk, the actress revealed a lot of talents. Star helps women find harmony in life, and very soon will be the first centre “Discover yourself” in which women can discuss their concerns. Makeeva admits that during the marriage, she had completely forgotten about their interests and desires, devoting herself to her husband.

      “After we with Gleb got divorced, I thought a lot and came to the conclusion that I am very small myself loved, too few paid attention too much and lived the life of another person. I realized I was depriving myself of communicating with people and friends. All this emptiness that had formed inside, I’m filled with communication. Try it easy to meet new people of different professions, it’s good broadens the mind and brings a lot of good,” Anastasia admitted.

      After the divorce, Makeev began to develop, and tried in other industries. A woman has launched a training programme in which she told other women how to cope with depression. The actress is working with children’s art Academy, producing our own plays, arranges tours and is preparing to release a fashion collection with designer Apollo by Bulgakoff.

      But first, Anastasia was not easy to be alone in an empty apartment, when fully collapsed, her hopes for a happy family life with Gleb. Anastasia Makeeva and Gleb Matveichuk divorced

      “Divorce I went through. You know, the main thing – to realize. I have this quality: I’m in love with the person while you admire them, but once disappointed, love immediately loses its inner core. I was disappointed, perhaps, somewhat including myself. Therefore, it became easier for me to understand why the divorce happened, and most importantly, I realized that it was going to happen,” explained the actress.

      After parting with Gleb, Anastasia was angry at him. On the contrary, the woman has repeatedly defended the ex-wife from attacks in social networks. According to Makeeva, they have kept a normal relationship. The actress thanked life for her presentation of the lesson and thinks I should just go on.

      At the moment Anastasia is happy, as does what she likes. However, the actress has other plans for the near future. “I would like to be a good mother. I think that is the important job for every woman. I really want children and want to be a worthy mother for them”, – said Makeev Wday.ru.