Cristiano Ronaldo and Taylor swift led the new rating

Криштиану Роналду и Тейлор Свифт возглавили новый рейтинг

Cristiano Ronaldo and Taylor swift definitely attract attention. This happens as a result of professional activities of these two celebrities, and stories in his personal life.

As you know, for the last time swift became famous because of the inability to make the right choice in relation to men, Ronaldo is still more interested in the Internet users after break up with Russian model Irina Shayk.

Such activity of these stars, however, helped them to lead the ranking.

According to the British newspaper Sport, which in turn refers to the study of Apple Tree Communications, striker Portugal football and real Madrid is the most popular man in social networks. His virtual “friends” were more than 238 million people. However, the first place Cristiano conceded to the swift, which was signed by 246 million followers.

Next on the list of online celebrities are the American singer and singer – songwriters Katy Perry (219 million), Selena Gomez (205 million) and Rihanna (190 million subscribers).

It is, of course, to add that not only the scandal of a single popular these stars. Draws attention to themselves and their charitable activities.

So, for good causes, the football player donated more than 10 million euros, in particular paid 600 thousand euros to the charity Fund of the UN, proclaimed him for winning the Champions League in 2016.

Swift is not far behind Cristiano and quite often makes a generous enumeration, which allows her to stay in the ranking of most generous philanthropists.