Brad pitt’s affair with the star of “suicide Squad”

У Брэда Питта роман со звездой «Отряда самоубийц»

This week the Western tabloids rich on sensational news. One of them concerns the decision of Angelina Jolie to kill men and to focus on women. To return to its roots, so to speak. The other is brad pitt and his new novel.

Media wrote that the star of the film “Allies” twisted new romance with a famed Hollywood actress. That’s just the name it was called. Anyone could be a new passion pitt began to wonder many journalists. Speculated that the eyes of the handsome man could fall for Lizzy Caplan, Sienna Miller and Charlize Theron.

Today the name of the new woman who can heal the wounds of the actor, became known to the General public.

Brad fell in love with Margot Robbie.

According to statements close to the actor informants, pitt paid the Australian the beauty of the attention, invited it in projects, the production of which involved. But Angelina was completely unacceptable that these two worked together. “She forbade them to cooperate several times,” says the insider. Now, when pitt was freed from the shackles, he may be trying to build a relationship with Margo.

By the way, the fact that Robbie for three years Dating Tom Ackerly, does not bother brad. He is ready to act.