Eddie Redmayne talked about the date with Taylor swift

Эдди Рэдмейн рассказал о свидании с Тейлор Свифт

The name of the actor Eddie Redmayne now very famous thanks to his participation in the premiere of this week – the film “Fantastic beasts and where they live”. In the film adaptation of another novel by JK Rowling Oscar-winning actor played the title role. Within the promotion of the film, Redmayne attends the various shows and programs. So, the other day he was a guest of the show “Watch What Happens Live”.

In addition to questions about the film, the presenter also asked what his connection with the American singer Taylor swift. Recall, for several weeks in the press discussed the possible Roman celebrities.

Eddie nothing to hide and was not told about the date with swift…which was not!

Redman admitted that he and Taylor met at the audition for the film “Les Miserables” (2012).

“She (Taylor) was awesome at the audition. We sang a few songs together, which was a huge event for me. But I can reassure you – we did not go on a date”, — frankly said Eddie.

We will remind, from December 15, 2014 married to Hannah Backsaw before the wedding, the couple dated for two years. The couple have a daughter, iris Mary Redman (b.15.06.2016).