Брэдд Питт сделает пластику, чтобы поднять себе настроение

The lack of plastics on the face in Hollywood is the exception rather than the rule. Actors, and especially Actresses use the services of plastic surgeons to not only prolong his youth, but as long as you can be capabilities.

Another star who decided to change was brad pitt.

The actor, who has already changed his sixth decade, but has become less attractive and sexy, said that he needed to slightly tweak the appearance and thus improve your mood.

“Brad pitt has been through injections of facial fillers, Botox injections and peels, plus he had a blepharoplasty, the source told the National Enquirer magazine. — He feels dead inside and this is why want to look younger — a million dollars on the outside.” Dresidual unusual “therapy” for men, is not it?