Виктория Лопырева борется с нервными срывами The model and presenter said about the dark side of success. Many people think that Victoria take things for granted, and her life consists of constant partying. In fact, the days of lopyrevoy is painted literally on minutes, and every day, stars takes place under time pressure.

      Victoria Lopyreva – known TV presenter, model and Ambassador of FIFA from Rostov. She finds time not only for social events, filming and photo shoots for glossy magazines, but also for charity. Every Victoria day is painted literally on minutes. Many fans of lopyrevoy really do not understand how the star manages to do everything and look amazing in. However, as acknowledged by the celebrity reporters, schedule sometimes makes her angry.

      “Sometimes, very tired. Nervous, frustrated… But such is modern life — we need to move forward. Besides, I have many business commitments — I can’t let people down,” admitted Victoria.

      The model and TV presenter has an assistant who helps her to settle arising matters. Victoria without it as without hands. Still, when busy seven days a week you can do something no one noticed or overlooked. Support lopyrevoy also has her mother Iryna, who gladly takes on the duties of Manager daughter.

      Despite his busy schedule, the star does not forget about the trips to beauty salons and meetings with friends. Victoria loves to relax in the Spa and try different treatments. Its perfect shape girl supports through regular workouts at the gym. In the microblog lopyrevoy you can find many publications on the topic of healthy lifestyle. In one of the posts celebrity admitted that starting the day with a water bottle and prefers to eat buckwheat, soups, salads and steamed vegetables on the grill. The model recommended to the subscribers in what does not deny , but know the measure and not abusing sweet. According to Victoria, it is best not to sit on a strict diet, and to adhere to proper food philosophy.

      Some Internet users believe that the appearance of the girl easily paved her way in the world of show business. In fact, however, lopyrevoy the path to success was arduous and full of trials. Future star went through a lot.

      “In Russia, let’s be Frank, much to solve the communication or relationship. But a lot depends on the person, his intelligence, diligence, persistence. For example, I just got nothing, and it is not in my nature to spend days lying on the couch,” shared the celebrity.

      Victoria also noted that the visual appeal is both a plus and a minus, because beauty is often the envy or annoyance of others, is quoted by star magazine Tatler.