Брэд Питт отправился в гости к своему другу Брэдли Куперу

Брэд Питт отправился в гости к своему другу Брэдли Куперу

Recently in new York held the prize awarding American celebrities where actors brad pitt and Bradley Cooper surprised us all by surprise. They didn’t come to the awards with a new beloved, as expected by the public, but showed how close they are as friends. Perhaps life outside the family really pull together these actors.

Both actors are the most eligible bachelor of Hollywood. They constantly attributed novels with different women, but they do not confirm any rumors.

The award, which was held recently, the actors came in separately. By the way, brad pitt has received a well-deserved award for his starring role in the film of Quentin Tarantino “Once in Hollywood”. It was very expected, because all the famous movie critics admired the actor in this film.

For the role of cliff booth, brad also received a Golden globe 5 January 2020, and many fans say that it will be another Oscar this year.

An interesting fact is that in the event the winner announced that is Bradley Cooper. Initially, the actors embraced on stage, it was clear Bradley is sincerely glad to a victory of his friend, and later they took part in a joint photo shoot for journalists.

Pitt and Cooper have been friends for quite a long time, and at the moment they still are United in their worries about divorce. Coincidentally, the actors were forced to part with their families in almost one period of time. According to the insider, the friends actively each other support in a difficult period of life.

At the moment they see each other very often. According to the insider, last year they were completely focused on the family, and now they have a lot of time for communication.

The most interesting thing is that after getting a Golden globe, brad went to celebrate their victory, and went to visit his friend. On the doorstep of Bradley paparazzi managed to photograph pitt. However, the celebrity did not close his eyes, to hide and to fight with reporters. He stopped, gave a short interview and signing autographs for everyone.

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