Камерон Диаз приняла решение воспитывать новорожденную дочь без посторонней помощи

Камерон Диаз приняла решение воспитывать новорожденную дочь без посторонней помощи

5 January 2020, the 47-year-old Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz and her 40 year old husband Benji Madden became parents to a beautiful little girl Reddix. Two celebrities this child was the firstborn. On such a pleasant event Cameron and Benji told on their pages on Instagram, warning from the public that pictures of the baby and the details of her life will not be disclosed. However, thanks to insiders, the journalists managed to find out what changes in family life star couple happened.

The insider said that the whole environment of star pair very reliable, they trust them as themselves, so their family will be able to keep secret all details of his personal life. Therefore, in the network there is no information about the birth of Radix, the parents themselves decided when stories world about the joyous event.

A few years ago, Cameron decided to leave her acting career that she was able to devote himself to the family. Therefore, according to the insider, the actress will not look for a babysitter for your child. She wants every second to be with Radix and enjoy the moments.

Of course, a great help she has a husband. Benji always and everywhere helping her. Just next to him, her world is completely turned upside down and she found a real family happiness, which is not even thought of before. In many interviews, Cameron said that never wanted children but after her marriage to Benji, everything changed.

Friends and relatives people say that after meeting with the musician, Cameron became a very calm and balanced. For this reason, she had a natural desire to become a mother.

The marriage of Cameron and Benji became the first in their lives. The happy event occurred in 2015. The couple immediately planned to have children, but Diaz could not get pregnant. To become parents they managed after IVF.

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