Brad pitt staged a private party for friends in Santa Monica

Брэд Питт устроил закрытую вечеринку для друзей в Санта-Монике

Divorce – it is, of course, difficult and sad. However, life does not end. Pogrustim a couple of months because of his breakup with Angelina Jolie, brad pitt is slowly returning to normal. Proof of that are the appearances, which lately allows the actor himself. For example, pitt was a surprise to many a guest of the “Golden globe”, then called for a party hosted by a friend of his ex-wife Jennifer aniston Courtney Cox. Now pitt himself became the organizer of the home sabantuychik.

Брэд Питт устроил закрытую вечеринку для друзей в Санта-Монике

The reporters found that Brady had organized a tailgate party at hotel Casa Del Mar in Santa Monica, where they invited their friends.

“Brad arranged for a private party in one of the rooms. He spent the night in a hotel and left this morning with a big bunch of gold and white balloons, which he wanted to take home for their children. He tried to keep his visit in secret and left the hotel through the service exit,” says the insider. Interestingly, the event pitt was not spontaneous. He even decorated the room with balloons with helium, which then were loaded into cars and taken away, reportedly to please their children.

Брэд Питт устроил закрытую вечеринку для друзей в Санта-Монике

As for alcohol, so brad is unlikely to touch him. As you know, for an actor surveillance, according to which he must regularly be tested for the presence of blood symptoms the use of alcohol.

However, this is pitt not only prevent, but even helps. Brad began again to monitor their health. This same task is set and the chef the actor: “he is Now re-focused on myself, started to follow the diet. His chef prepares him only healthy meals. He also regularly trains and spends much time outdoors engaged in Hiking. He needs to regain his form and good health, so now he’s trying to eat right”.

Of course, this is commendable.