Sergey Shnurov considers Buzova makes it impossible

Сергей Шнуров считает, Бузова совершает невозможное

And Shvets, and the Reaper, and on dude igrets… Olga Buzova, it seems, tried himself in all – once appeared on telestroke “Dom-2”, she published a book, became the leading, then TV presenter, then a businesswoman, designer, singer and actress.

Not so long ago Olga has presented a new song called “Used”.

Netizens said that such singers like Olga singing contraindicated. But there was in the music industry the man who called Buzova real phenomenon. This man became the leader of group “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov.

“Plot banality of these few songs hold together even naive, but not banal poetic techniques. Inaccuracies in singing lies perfectly broadcast its own tone, be found, probably by accident, but nevertheless found. Emergency Medinet heroine, oddly enough, gives these songs a confessional nature, thereby overcoming the all-consuming postmodernity Convention. As someone who comes from the most people, Buzova does the seemingly impossible — returns to the people once they lost the copyright on folklore in the form of popular songs. From now on, no community of professionals or the competent jury will not be able to decide what to be and what not, to sing, and who shut up” — said Cords, who knows firsthand what a sucker the Russian public.

To Olga these words, of course, came. The singer was immensely grateful for the warm feedback colleagues: “I am very pleased that the person who really is popularly favorite artist sings the whole country not only at concerts and karaoke, but also in the courts with a guitar or at home on the couch in the family, appreciates my work. Because really, I’m not Mariah Carey, I sing with my soul for you, for the people. Which is also, like me, gets hurt, who also commit and who just want to be able to Express themselves the way they suggests heart.”

What do you think, do Olga caught the same motive, which is close to the people?