Брэд Питт резко высказался о психическом здоровье Анджелины Джоли The Hollywood actor launched a counterattack in the battle for custody of the children. Pitt said that his ex-wife serious psychological problems. To speak to brad forced threats Jolie who wants to publish evidence of alcoholism and aggressive behavior of her husband.
Брэд Питт резко высказался о психическом здоровье Анджелины Джоли

Once the most popular couple of Hollywood — Angelina Jolie and brad pitt are now fierce enemies. The former spouses went to war for custody of the children. And in war, as we know, all good and now yesterday, the husband and wife willing to indulge in anything to succeed.

Last week Western media reported that Jolie is a personal diary that contains irrefutable evidence of aggressive behavior Pitta. Supposedly there is some archival records of Angelina in which she recorded every wrongdoing of her husband. The actress has admitted to friends that are ready to publish your notes to get sole custody of the children.

Pitt, who has previously admitted addiction to alcohol, publicly repented for his misdeeds, but this time did not remain silent and made contravention. The actor said that the diary was a fiction, but a mental problem, Jolie.

“Jolie was more of a freak than I am, and all of these diaries is fiction,” said brad pitt.

Now brad pitt, according to foreign media reports, in London, where he arrived to commemorate the 10 birthday of twins Knox and Vivienne. In all, pitt and Jolie have six children, three of whom are adopted. Parents equally love their children and could share custody, for which actively support all administration in America, but Angelina Jolie vs. She wants to seek sole custody of all children, hoping to decide when and how they will communicate with the father.

If in a short time spouses fail to agree, a mother can deprive of the parental rights for the wrongful obstruction of fellowship with the father. At least, the courts have warned Jolie that she should not restrict the rights of the former husband.

Angelina Jolie can deprive of the parental rights

Despite the war between the former spouses, which lasted for a couple of years, fans still hope for a reunion of the stars. At least in the Western press constantly there are rumors of renewed the novel pitt and Jolie. Only they, apparently, do not correspond to reality.

By the way, 43-year-old Angelina Jolie has never hidden that some mental health problems she has. So, the actress admitted that doctors have diagnosed her with bipolar disorder. Ex-husband, this well-known fact, added several more uncomplimentary epithets, calling the wife and a self-mutilator and anorexic, – quotes the artist womanel.com.ua