Слепой массажист лечит детей с аутизмом Yuri Sytenko has developed a unique system of treatment. He’s helping “special” children to cope with the most severe symptoms of the disease. Doctors have described the main methods of our work.
Слепой массажист лечит детей с аутизмом

Yuri Sytenko was born in a miner’s family and physician in a poor village pryvovchans’ke, Dnipropetrovsk region. Graduated from high school and planned to become a driver. But after driving less than a year, got in a terrible accident, which resulted in broken arms, legs, ribs and almost lost vision in my eye fragments. The right was completely mutilated, and the left was saved. The doctors explained to the guy more in his case impossible. From the hospital, Yuri went half-blind, unemployed and depressed. He just turned 18. Then he did not know that many years will not only create its own Institute of therapeutic massage, write a training manual, but will make a discovery in the field of medicine.


Слепой массажист лечит детей с аутизмом“After the accident first went to the blind society, where disabled people, like me, were given free buckwheat and other products, – says 41-year-old Sytenko. – There is also helped with employment. I couldn’t ever sit on the neck of the parents, who would worry so much. I decided to enroll in massage courses. Studied in the near the city of Pavlograd, got on the bike, joking that actually touch. Gradually earned word of mouth. Customers always praised me, said, hands Golden. I always imagined how sore looks like on the inside, based on knowledge of anatomy, and then I started to understand how to fix outside. Then in some magazine happened to read an article about the school, where a half-blind doing professional massage therapists. Did not think it was”.

In College the jury found the companion of life. They soon married and gave birth to a son and a daughter. After both spouses have received a speciality “nurse massage”, the young family moved to the Crimea, near the sea. Yuri got a job in a sanatorium. The campers were delighted with the procedures and repeated that professionals such as Sytenko, weight in gold. Soon the talented young man drew attention and guidance. Invited to the Central office in Moscow for training.

“Since then visited the capital city visits, – continues Yuri. – When the Crimea joined to Russia, got a passport and moved completely. However, his wife and children remained in the South. I rented an apartment and began looking for work. Settled in the Institute of rehabilitation medicine at the Transfiguration square. Then was chair of the Department of recreation at several institutions. Was training program, wrote training manual, according to my ticket students exams… Then opened a private College. However, I was immediately fired from his main job – like, now a competitor”

Yuri shoots a spacious hall in the Stalin house near the metro station “Sokol”. Month learning massage at Sytenko is 9400 rubles. In the group of 15 people. The uniqueness of the method lies in the fact that the doctor takes on the most complex cases, teaches how to work with patients with such diagnoses as cerebral palsy, autism. In his spare time helps seriously ill. “I led the boy, who suffered from speech problems, – says our hero. – Imagine the surprise of the parents when after the first session the boy started talking, and after three courses I started to read poetry! Now they want to sign up for the fourth. Also have a client who have had a stroke. He has paresis of the right side of the body. Wife immediately warned that he does not want to be treated and can shout obscenities. At the meeting calmly explained to the patient that he had high blood pressure, one of the vessels broke down and busted, but the other 98 percent remained intact! Then told about the relationship of the brain and the impulses which he sends to different parts of the body… After the first session the patient began crying. I went to subway, got a call from his wife. The man himself asked me to come again.”


The therapist corrects and the mistakes of others. When Yuri needed a programmer to develop the website of the College, he was introduced to Aleksey from Ivanovo. It turned out that the man is a very rare diagnosis – atrophy. As a result of illness characterized by progressive loss of muscle mass. Similar to the disease was the famous scientist Stephen Hawking. In the hometown of Alex about this almost didn’t hear, so the doctors massaged it in the same manner that people with cerebral palsy.

“And it just made things worse, says Sytenko. – The fact that in the case of cerebral palsy the muscles are strung, they need to relax. And Alesha is the opposite: they nearly atrophied. No wonder he was disappointed and not believed. But when I got up from my Desk, I almost cried. Did not expect that after a massage you feel so good. Now wants to sell the apartment to take a mortgage in Moscow and to go to my techniques.”

Now, Yuri makes out the patent for the world’s only therapeutic massage for people with autism. Last year he presented the author’s methodology at the international festival in Kislovodsk, but the idea was stolen by competitors. Had to start all over again. The doctor was sure that this time everything will work out. Especially Sytenko need to help the family. If five year old daughter Sophia absolutely healthy, ten-year-old son Michael suffers from a congenital vision problems. Just the irony of some kind.

“The Bear is missing the iris in both eyes, sighs our source. – He was operated on four times already. The doctor was able to find only in Moscow. When Crimea has been Ukraine, such a complex surgical intervention was not carried out. Now squarely is the question of training. In schools there are no doctors-pathologists that my son needed. The visits to the house – also not an option, not afford financially. I pay for the hall rent in Moscow and so far only untwist the case and the wife’s salary – 12 thousand rubles. Now the child is threatening to take away to boarding school, where there is a need staff. I really hope that my business will finally start to generate income and I’ll be able to cure Misha.”if (window.relap) window.relap.ar(‘wD_AqGioqJ9lHEJC’);