Brad pitt saved the life of Marion Cotillard

Брэд Питт спас жизнь Марион Котийяр
The actor showed himself a real hero in real life.

Brad pitt and Marion Cotillard

Photo: Splash News/East news

During the filming of the spy Thriller, “Ally”, which was directed by
Robert Zemeckis, brad pitt, who plays in this movie the main role, managed to show
real courage. He literally saved his partner in the film —
the actress Marion Cotillard. This was announced by the publication the National Enquirer.

This story happened in the Canary Islands, where the shooting actually took place. Preparing for the next scene, Marion climbed
in a tiny boat and, as required by the script, slightly off
Bank. And this moment suddenly surging big wave overturned
craft. Cotillard instantly under water. Pitt, who at this moment
were on the shore, without hesitation jumped into the water, although he was in a suit. However,
because brad is a good swimmer, the clothes did not stop him to save French actress.

Incidentally, during the filming of “Ally” 52-year-old actor managed to get on the scoresheet
for the second time. Prior to that, he managed to rescue a little girl. This information
according to the Internet site,
but on You Tube there was a record of the scene made by one of the random

While the actors were preparing for another double around the set,
surrounded by a barrier, a large crowd of curious onlookers. And some
the moment the crush began. Pitt, saw that the fence was pressed
a little girl, and she runs the risk of being crushed. He leaned over the barrier and
you pulled a baby from the crowd. Taking the girl in his arms, brad waited for her
calm down and stop crying. And then went back to work.

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