Star supported husband Jasmine

Звезды поддержали мужа Жасмин

Domestic celebrities demanded to release Ilan Shor

Social networks started flashmob #FreeShor in support of the husband of the singer the Jasmine, which the Moldovan law enforcement officers arrested on suspicion of fraud. Ilan Shor will have to spend in jail for 30 days while the investigation is ongoing. The protesters, among them prominent artists, called the case political and excuse wife Jasmine.

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One of the first made a statement, Philip. “Husband you all know singer Jasmine Ilan Shor is under arrest, – the singer wrote on his page in the social network. “I’ve always believed that guilt can only be determined by the court, not the hype that sometimes the hype around famous people. I hope that the appropriate law enforcement authorities of the Republic of Moldova will behave as it should be in a legal state. Ilan Shor is cooperating with the investigation, is evidence of his innocence and, especially, not trying to evade justice. His guilt must be determined by the court”.

Also to my subscribers asked longtime girlfriend Jasmine Olga Orlova: “Friends! I want to Express my concern over the situation that has developed around my friend Ilan Shor, the husband of my friend Jasmine. If I read the residents of Moldova, I beg to support! Justice must follow the law. Really in Moldova it is administered not on the basis of evidence and facts, and to meet several media? Why arrest the man who fled from the country, showed exemplary behavior and actively cooperated during the investigation, was at all the hearings, gave evidence. We all know how professionally Ilan Shor has shown itself in Orhei as mayor . There people are guided by registered articles, they respect and appreciate him for what he has done for them ! Ilan, you’re strong, I know! You have to fight injustice! You supported us, your friends! Believe you people! You’ll get your family!”

After stars the action picked up by ordinary people who began to post pictures with the hashtag #FreeShor. Jasmine, who two months ago became a mother for the third time, thanked everyone for their support, writing a great post in his Instagram.

“My dear. I thank everyone who stands by us in these difficult moments and everyone who supports mentally Ilana. I know that many of you understand the true meaning of what is happening… it is clear that public opinion supports the show, the show, which I don’t understand. Don’t know who needs it and for what?! I don’t understand why justice is decided by performance, and not based on the respect for law?! Neither I, nor you, dear friends, and even public opinion may not decide Ilan has violated any law or not, this should sort out the justice! But justice is independent, which is judged based on the evidence and not under pressure group of individuals claiming to represent public opinion in Moldova. I’m disappointed and I’m sad when I see so much hypocrisy…. When I see people sleeping on the doorstep my spouse, praising him to the skies just to get publicity or to obtain financial support. This particular person, today publishes articles and claims about what Ilan Shor bad… those who today carry out the pressure so he was arrested! But I’m sure the truth will put everything in its place. I believe in the truth!!! In the present pravduhina, we are waiting for you home!!!”

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