Брэд Питт раскрыл тайну крушения своего брака с Анджелиной Джоли
The actor has made a sensational confession.

Angelina Jolie and brad pitt


Many fans of brad pitt in shock. The fact that the actor made a surprising confession:
he said that only he is to blame for the crash of his marriage to Angelina Jolie. And direct
the cause of the collapse of his family, he called it out of control
the abuse of alcohol. About this actor told in an interview with GQ.

Although from the beginning of the divorce process
the reporters of a number of overseas publications wrote about a certain incident
alcohol, which occurred on Board the aircraft, where the family was returning from
France, after which Jolie filed for divorce, all the information about this story
based on the rumors. But now pitt for the first time he told about how he
with his own hands destroyed the most precious to him — his family. As it turned out, all
began long before the infamous fight with Jolie on the plane…

“Since I graduated College, I cannot remember
one day, when I hadn’t drank or smoked pot. And if marijuana I
stopped when I had kids, the drinking continued every day. I
was very nice to cleverly hide what I was drinking,
and drank a lot. Wine, vodka, strong drinks… All this continued
last year…” admitted pitt.

The collapse of his marriage and the loss of opportunity
to see children brad, by his own admission, has endured as hard as if
it would have been the death of a loved one. “I spent a month and a half in the house of my
other in Santa Monica. Slept on the floor and tried to cope with his grief…” —
told pitt. And then, pulling himself together, he decided to be treated. “I began attending
two specialists (for the treatment of alcohol dependence) to select
the best…” — said the actor. To the delight of pitt, over the past months he managed
to make significant progress. “Now I’m probably the biggest drinker
in America: drinking only water and cranberry juice!” with a smile told brad.

As for his divorce, for the last
the time and pitt and Jolie came to the conclusion about the need for a peaceful compromise, and
they already have the first achievements on the way. They begin to communicate directly, not
through lawyers, as it was in the beginning. Besides, now brad got the opportunity
to see the children more often. “We understand that the divorce process does not happen
winners. Each spends a year to prove that he is human. And
so, the difference between the two parties is how much to be injured
the heart of each of divorcing…” explained pitt.