Бред Питт надеется, что тесть помирит его  женой

The father of Angelina Jolie can play a big role in her reconciliation with her husband. At least that is the hope of her husband Brad pitt. The actor has already talked with his father John Voight , and hopes that he can be the link between him and Angie, and to reconcile them. In any case, pitt is not going to give up and just let go of your faithful.

“Brad coped with the first shock and is now doing everything he can to fix the situation. He hopes his good relations with the relatives of Angelina will be able to rebuild burned bridges. Brad already talked to my dad, Angie, John and hopes that he will be able to contribute to their reconciliation. One thing is clear: Brad is not going to just give up” — said the insider.
After the application for divorce Jolie and their children moved into the house in Malibu, which was rented a few weeks ago. The phone number of her husband she blocked and does not allow him neither to meet, nor hear of his children.
Allegations of domestic violence and infidelity, so generously sprinkled on the Nonsense of the media world, pitt has denied. Allegations of child abuse removed from it, and the question of what happened between the seemingly happy couple, remains open.
Recall that Jolie’s father Jon Voight commented on the divorce of the daughter, saying: “had to happen something really serious to make such a decision. I don’t know what it was. Please pray for them.” By the way, Angelina is not the best relationship with his father, and it is unlikely he has the proper authority in her eyes, that though as-that to influence her decision.