Ани Лорак обзавелась элитной недвижимостью в Москве

Ani Lorak continues to strengthen its position in the Russian land. Recently it became known that the Ukrainian singer has made several significant acquisitions in the Russian capital, in particular, the singer became the owner of the apartment and a new car.

The news in an interview to Ukrainian TV channels, said Murat Nalchajian. “Yes, we bought an apartment in Moscow. The car was bought. There is a driver, there is security, there’s management. I opened my company there is also something to do”, — said the businessman.

Apparently, the family decided to make their stay in Moscow more comfortable. By the way, it is not excluded that Lorak-Nalchajian decided to grow roots here.

However, Murat assured reporters that the new acquisition does not say that the singer is leaving homeland Ukraine.

“We did not leave Ukraine. We live here. A lot of people have in different countries, house, cars, business. We have Turkey is home, Moscow is the home of the, Ukraine is home. I now plan to buy a house in Spain, got an advantageous offer. I want to spend the summer with my daughter, because I like the climate,” he explained his position as the husband of Ani Lorak.