Волочкова пожаловалась на тяжелую жизнь

40-year-old dancer admitted that the cases she has so much that time to sleep simply does not remain.

The last few months Volochkova not only touring the country with charity concerts, but also tries himself in the acting field. And already teaches the role in the play. One thing: Nastya complained that the busy schedule time to sleep is not!

“Because of the protracted multiple surveys that began three hours later than the appointed time for the reason that all removed, but forgot to turn on the microphone and I had to reshoot the whole story, I couldn’t see my friend who came specially to meet me, to support me… So I have another scenario to teach a song to rehearse and ribbons to their Pointe shoes to sew. There are no forces! I’ll sleep! These things can wait. I have so much work!” – complained on his page in Instagram ballerina.

We will remind, it already the second Nastya’s experience as a dramatic actress. Known so far only the title of the play “the Lady” and the names of the partners of a ballerina. Is Ilya Sokolov and Aleksandr Shavrin. As for the rest, she’s not in a hurry to share the details.

Maybe because of her past participation in the play “a man Came to the woman” turned into a scandal. After the arisen misunderstanding with the Director she was suspended from participating in the play.