В Лос-Анджелесе до смерти забили актера

If the plot of the next Hollywood movie… Actor Richard Hong, who came to stay in the house of his friend, TV presenter George Stroumboulopoulos, was brutally murdered.

This all happened in the same house, where Richard arrived with a peaceful visit. Nothing boded trouble, however, death still overtook Hong.

As they say representatives of the police, the master of the house at the time of the murder was gone. Apparently, Richard was the victim of robbers, who knew that this particular day the house would be empty.

In favor of the fact that Hong was killed by the robbers, saying several factors: the door of the apartment broken into and witnesses saw a suspicious man who ran out of the house.

The body of Hong discovered with signs of violent death. It is known that the actor died from a severe head injury.

Synopsis: Actor Richard Hong has already acted in a few films and couple of TV shows. Russian film fans may remember him in the TV series “er” and “do your thing, baby”.