Brad pitt for the first time put forward the public prosecution against Angelina Jolie

Брэд Питт впервые выдвинул публичные обвинения против Анджелины Джоли
The actor requires to classify all the information about their family life.

Brad pitt and Angelina Jolie


The other day lance Spiegel, a lawyer of brad pitt
representing the actor in his divorce proceedings, made at the request
my client, a statement in which the actor for the first time formulated his
claims against Angelina Jolie. This was reported by the dailymail

Mr. Spiegel said from the face of pitt, Jolie
ignores children’s interests, allowing them to regularly leak information to the press about their
family. “She apparently completely unable to control this process. Or
even worse – doing it deliberately, while pursuing your goals!” said
lawyer. According to brad, among other information, who are in the media “feed” Angelina — the names of the therapists and psychologist, supervising meetings of children with pitt.
That, according to the actor, is absolutely unacceptable. In the end, brad demanded that
the court banned Jolie to disclose in the future, not only any information concerning them
children, but throughout their family life.

In addition, brad believes that angelina Jolie not only
allows unnecessary frankness with the press, but, worse, sets
children against him. According to informants editions of In Touch
Weekly, this policy has already borne fruit: in the family
the conflicts began. The two older children — 13-year-old pax Thien and 15-year-old
Maddox — do not want to see father. And the girls — 11-year-old Zachary and 10-year-old Shiloh — sided father and quarrel with
brothers considering that they behave correctly. As for the two younger
twins Knox and Vivienne, they can’t understand why their dad more
not living at home.

However, the situation is, apparently, soon
will be determined in January 2017 must finally begin the hearing of
divorce pitt and Jolie. Then it will become clear whether
Angelina to get what she wants, that is, to defend the sole custody of the children, which she requires. Or
the court will meet the request of pitt to grant him joint custody.