Эксклюзив: Максим Коновалов женился на матери своих детей
The star of the series “Boomer” and the famous photographer Svetlana Truancy formalized their relationship.

Эксклюзив: Максим Коновалов женился на матери своих детей

Maxim Konovalov with his wife Svetlana

Photo: From personal archive Konovalovs

Maxim Konovalov with his wife Svetlana and daughter Masha at the festival “Kinotavr”

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Today in Babushkinskiy registry office the 41-year-old Maxim Konovalov
signed with his common-law wife, photographer Svetlana, Truancy. The couple takes
congratulations from close friends, although many were convinced that the actor and his
the woman has long been married. After all, Maxim and Svetlana have been together for many years and
they have three children: 13-year-old Michael, 11-year Ira and 5-year-old Masha.

The couple admit that they do not rush to the registry office, because their feelings
already passed the test of time. “We decided long ago that make the relationship, but waited
the right of the case, told 7days.ru Svetlana. — And then we remembered that eight years ago he moved to
country house. This number means infinity, and Maxim felt
it will be a good symbol for our family life.”

Wedding celebration, the couple decided not to make, they
will celebrate the event with family. But the big celebration which will call
many friends and relatives, max and
Svetlana planning for the summer of next year. “We want to get married to
become husband and wife by all the laws and worldly, and Church,” says
Svetlana Konovalova now.