Bozena of Rynska criticized the Melania trump

Божена Рынска раскритиковала Меланию Трамп The socialite called the beloved President of the USA trophy wife. According to Bozena, Melania is far from the perfect first lady. Rynska also believe that the wife of the President of the United States Donald trump look like a girl, who worked as an escort.

      Божена Рынска раскритиковала Меланию Трамп

      9 November in the United States summed up the results of the elections. The President of America was the Republican candidate – billionaire Donald trump. The businessman managed to beat Hillary Clinton is nominated by Democrats. Accordingly, the first lady was the wife of the businessman – the model and designer Melania trump, a native of Slovenia. It is worth noting that for the first time in the history of the United States the darling of the head of state born abroad. In the blink of an eye the woman has become one of the most talked about person in the world. In the program “Here and now” TV channel “Rain” held a discussion on lady Donald trump, at which invited socialite and journalist Bozhenov Rynska.

      What do we know about the new first lady of the United States Melania trump

      “Melania is a typical trophy wife, “trophy wife”; a wife who is very precious to use. It’s not a female partner. Well, as is the house, which road to use the pool need to be cleaned, pay the Concierge of the fifth to tenth – accumulates a huge amount. Here it is – the same thing, expensive to use wife. And the typical trophy wife that indicates a certain infantilism trump, who has not left the habit to marry “trophy”, despite the fact that among the decent people long ago decided to get married to interesting women, women with the content,” – said Bozena of Rynska.

      According to Bozena Rynska, a perfect first lady Raisa Gorbachev and Naina Yeltsin.

      In addition, the socialite talked about the importance the United States attaches first lady. According to Rynska, for Americans a very important way with wife of the President. However, Bozena not sure what model it fits as a companion of the President. “Even if Melania is not an escort, she looks exactly looks like a girl from a very expensive escort,” said the woman.