Emigrated actress “My fair nanny” misses home

Эмигрировавшая актриса «Моей прекрасной няни» скучает по родине  The role of the performer Ksenia Catalinas living abroad for several years. Now Irina Andreeva, 22 years old, and she has a diploma from a prestigious British University. To go to another country the girl was forced peers.

      Эмигрировавшая актриса «Моей прекрасной няни» скучает по родине

      Many remember the adorable Ksenia Satalino from the TV series “My fair nanny”. When shooting a TV project only just begun, Irina Andreeva was ten years old. She is now 22 years old, and matured on-screen daughter of Sergei Zhigunov lives in Switzerland. Journalists contacted Andreeva and found out why she decided to leave his native country.

      According to Irina, she went abroad in search of a better life. The girl does not suit her surroundings. Peers Andreeva did not aspire to intellectual development. Instead, they preferred to spend free time in night clubs. Irina didn’t want to be like most of her friends.

      “The life of a teenager in Russia is very different from the life of a teenager abroad. In Russian school it was fun, but at my school people started to drink, smoke and go to clubs in 13-14, and throw in 20. You often hear in Russia the phrase from twenty people, to the question: “do they smoke?”, and they answer: “no, I quit”. When in America, 21 in all just try to drink. Parents about such things at school do not tell, so it was my personal decision to go where people really don’t sell alcohol and cigarettes to 18″, – said Andreev.

      She also noted that it was not a “nerd” in school, however, prevailed among classmates, the atmosphere has reduced her grades. Looking at others, Andreeva started to miss lessons and to think more about how to get into the club than about your future.

      In the end, Irina went on to study in the UK. There she finished high school, and then went to study in American universities. A while Andreev held at the University of Miami, and then moved to a more prestigious place in King’s College London. However, to return to the homeland of Shakespeare Irina forced not only by the desire to get a diploma that is traded in the labor market. The fact that the girl was in a relationship with an Englishman. By the way, now friend Andreeva plays for the national team in Rugby.

      Speaking about the benefits of international education, the girl claims that the border is impossible to buy the rating. According to Andreeva, foreign universities needed a lot of work to learn, not to get expelled.

      In the future, Irina plans to return to the Russian show-business. The girl said that it could happen very soon. “The soul is closer to the TV,” – Andreev said about his plans. In addition, she admitted Days.ru that he misses his native country.