Boyfriend Kate Hudson is ready to make a sweetheart offer

Бойфренд Кейт Хадсон готов сделать возлюбленной предложение

After breaking a four-year relationship with Matthew Bellamy, actress Kate Hudson is preparing to re-engagement with current partner Danny Fujikawa. Despite the fact that the celebrity couple is in a relationship only half a year, their relationship is quickly gaining momentum and tend to climax.

According to close friends, the actress will take the proposal of marriage, after all, really loves his boyfriend. But this does not mean that it will go away. The fact that the actress had previously admitted about the problem of infidelity. It is very difficult to permanently tie himself to the relationship with one partner. Moreover, once hoops knot with Chris Robinson, Kate was not in a hurry to get married again.

Hudson bragged to reporters that he can keep with all former friendly relationship after a breakup. But the exception was Chris Robinson. They divorced in the distant 2007. Chris didn’t want to let go of the actress on the good, which in March of this year he decided to sue Hudson. The publication “People” reported that Robinson was going to take her to their common 13-year-old son Ryder. Moreover, Chris said that the actress should take all the financial waste in the process. Robinson stated that such frequent change of partners, Hudson may have a negative impact on the psyche of the child.

But engagement is another matter. The actress was already engaged with the lead singer of the popular band “Muse” — Matthew Bellamy, but to associate themselves more closely she was in no hurry. He became the father of her youngest son Bingham.

Semester of their relationship with current boyfriend, Danny, Kate began in March of this year. For the first time the paparazzi caught a couple during a romantic dinner in the restaurant, Giorgio Baldi, where they arrived on a double date. As reported by the actress, she has managed to meet Danny and his two sons — 13-year-old Ryder and a 5-year Bingamon. The beloved actress got along well with children. Also, boyfriend is already appreciated her mother Goldie hawn and stepfather Kurt Russell.