Borodina Buzova and had a fight on the anniversary of Maria Pogrebnyak

Бузова и Бородина поругались на юбилее Марии Погребняк
The wife of a famous football player celebrated the 30th anniversary.

Бузова и Бородина поругались на юбилее Марии Погребняк

Ksenia Borodina and Maria Pogrebnyak

Photo: Instagram

Maria Pogrebnyak threw a great party in honor of
his 30th birthday — it was held in one of the restaurants in the center of Moscow.
Perhaps on the invitations sent out to the guests was the desire to “wear all
immediately the best”: the feast looked almost like a Christmas ball, not the audience
just glistened and shone in their outfits, but they glowed with happiness.

Interestingly, among those who Mary invited in
the restaurant had a lot of stars “House-2”: Ksenia Borodina with her husband Kurban Omarov,
Olga Buzova, Daria and Sergey Pinzari and other participants of the show. By the way, if
the set Borodina Buzova always peacefully coexist and “divide the territory”,
the holiday Pogrebnyak girls were given to understand that that part of life that
passes the perimeter, it does not apply. For a request to be photographed
along Xenia and Olga responded with a meaningful refusal.

On the birthday of a friend Buzova, which seems to be able
to be in three places simultaneously, managed with difficulty.

“My good,
my beautiful Masha, I still had time to come and personally give you a hug,
kiss. Thank you for the many years of friendship and support. I’m always there
is only to lend a hand. Love you,” he congratulated Olga Maria.

Guests walked till morning, and in the end of the party Buzova
went on stage and performed his new song with not a festive name “Obetrol”.

Guests of Maria Pogrebnyak on its 30-year anniversary

Photo: Instagram