Anastasia Makeyeva can not come to terms with the death of a brother

Анастасия Макеева не может смириться со смертью брата The actress shared with fans the pain of loss. Anastasia Makeeva nine years ago lost a loved one. 19 Nov Daniel would have turned thirty-seven years, but the time for a young man and his family stayed.

Actress and singer Anastasiya Makeeva honored the memory of their mother older brother Daniel, who passed away in autumn 2008, did not live more than a month to 28 years.

On 19 November, a loved one of the artist’s birthday, Daniel would have turned 37 years old. Anastasia Makeeva has honored the memory of his brother, posting an archived picture, which they captured together still children.

“Unusually. For so many years, how there is no you. You all 27, and I’m almost 36, – asked the star to his dead brother. Today you would have turned 37 years old. I hope where you are there is better. I miss you”.

Followers of Anastasia Makeeva hastened to support the actress. They leave her post under the words, filled with love. Many talk about their losses and how they live without their loved one.

“My daughter’s father forever also 27, and would now be 37. But I believe that he is with us, and see what our girl is growing. And your brother with you always, they are our guardian angels,” “she, honey… He’s always with you, he is in your heart, he is a angel who protects you. The heavy pain of loss, there is no salvation from it! This will have to live! Anastasia, let you be easy, well, ever”, “as long as we remember about people, they live”, “what a pity. So young. The bright memory”, – are fans of Anastasia Makeeva.

In an interview, the actress said she was very close with his brother, because they are the same age, and in childhood even share the same room. They had shared toys and friends.

That Daniel did not, Anastasia Makeeva learned while on the road. Her father called and asked me to fly to Krasnodar. The actress at the time participated in the show of the First channel “Ice age” and rehearsing a new show. Daniel died of infectious meningitis, which was contracted during a swim in the lake. At the foot of the young man had a scratch where the virus came from the blood. The doctors were unable to save the man.

The sudden death of his brother has knocked down health makeevoy. After the funeral, she went to the hospital in a state of nervous breakdown. However, the actress was able to cope with the pain and to return to the stage in the project.