Борис Ливанов разорвал отношения с Марией Голубкиной
Son of Sherlock Holmes called an affair with the actress “just a prank”

Maria Golubkina, Boris Livanov

Boris Livanov shocked the public by publishing in
The Internet message to his bride Maria Golubkina. “I solemnly swear that
plotting is just a prank, and the prank was a success! — he signed the movie from
the famous movie “Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban”. — Be happy,
my dear Mary!”

Fans of the actress were alarmed: “How is the wedding going to be? But
why? Why do you actually need?” — they were indignant. Maria, confirming
the fact of breaking up with his fiancé, declined to comment, explaining that
leaves the last word for a man — that Lebanon should disclose
the details of their breakup. “Let all Boris will tell you if he wants,” wearily
she answered the phone.

But recently, the lovers had planned not only
to officially register their relationship in the registry office, but also to make the Church
rite. “Bob was going to get married. He says that the entry in the registry office itself for anyone
does not need, and since I’m Orthodox and he is Orthodox, then we must get married.
You see, we are serious about what goes on between us. Bob
I confessed, desperate to find his woman, he thought that nothing
like it can’t happen. He was sitting at home on dacha at Nikolina
Grief, something they wrote, came out just to buy fried chicken,
the bride was looking for. Well, some novels were there, but nothing serious. Like me:
the Cavaliers appeared, but fifteen minutes later it was over, because
I was so bored. And now… to be honest, I don’t believe in
what is happening! — Golubkina told in exclusive interview to magazine “7 days”. Now what is happening do not believe fans pair incredible
frustrated by the unexpected finale of this Opera.