ВИДЕО: экс-супруг Анастасии Макеевой отправился в романтическое путешествие
Gleb Matvejchuk has ceased to hide his relationship with actress Elena Glazkova.

Gleb Matveychuk and Elena Glazkova

Photo: Instagram

Ex-husband of Anastasia Makeeva, the star of the show “Toch-V-Toch” and “3
chord” on the First channel, Gleb Matvejchuk has found happiness in his personal life. The singer linked
delicate relationship with the actress Elena Glazkova. The lovers no longer hide
his novel and publish on the Internet shared pictures.

Now Gleb and Elena are resting on the Black sea coast in
Bulgaria where lead an active lifestyle. The lovers are curiously visiting
the attractions in this country. The couple has already visited the famous valley of the roses,
where Hleb made for your favorite video and photo shoot.

By the way, Anastasia Makeeva also came around after the divorce
Gleb and fell in love. That actress is not free, it
hinted in the late spring. Recently, the star has published on the page
social networks such blatant and intriguing message that friends Nastya
established in the idea that makeieva is a new breathtaking novel.

“Sex is the least of what woman can give a man
— said the actress. — It is not so expensive and quite often
found to give it some special value… really, where
as is more tenderness. This is what a woman gives, not all; and not even all
someone is sleeping. Tenderness not buy, not steal, not take nor deceit, nor
force. And with nothing to confuse… Tenderness — a small lump in the solar
plexus, which sometimes does not allow you to breathe. Tenderness — is the realization that
is the place where you always wait with love and warmth, a little
sadness, because after all sad when favorite there. And they are always so
wait. Wait a minute… Wait a second… Waiting for all summer… Waiting for all