Борис Ливанов и Мария Голубкина подали заявление в загс Couples will relationship this summer. The man claims that the stamp in the passport is very important for them. As told by Boris Livanov, the bride wants to take his name, but he discourages her.
Борис Ливанов и Мария Голубкина подали заявление в загс

Maria Golubkina, Boris Livanov actively planning a wedding. In an interview with reporters, the man said that they have already filed with the darling of the statement to the Registrar. The actress hesitated for a long time and checked the man. Mary argued that she needed time to get used to living together with someone. Boris Livanov: “We will get married”

Борис Ливанов и Мария Голубкина подали заявление в загс“For us, a stamp in the passport is important. You see, we adults. And each other we imagine as husband and wife. Indecent at our age to stay in the relationship, not as husband and wife. Adults aunt and uncle,” – said Livanov.

Yet Boris and Maria wondered how they would mark the celebration. However, they had decided to get married in the Church. According to the groom, they solve the issue about the name. Maria really wants to become Ivanovoy.

“I told her, with great respect to the name Golubkina and I don’t want her to have the surname Livanov. She said she wants to be Ivanovoy. In short, still arguing on this topic. She wants to take my name, and I want to she left her. It is generally a rare case. Still, Maria Golubkina more famous than Maria Livanov,” said Boris.
Борис Ливанов и Мария Голубкина подали заявление в загс

Elect of the actress is familiar with her entire family. Maria introduced the man to the mother and children. Besides, the artist was not afraid to introduce your future spouse with your ex, Nikolai Fomenko.

“I was very curious. Nikolay Fomenko I have tremendous respect, at the time, and I had a red tie thanks to the group “Secret”. For me Nikolay Vladimirovich – as a relative of Mary. I see it as her older brother. Serious man, a wonderful father to his children. Nervous or not? Why would I be nervous?” – said Livanov.

According to the man, his daughter Eva is also well received by Maria. Recently, they go together to the party, which was held within the festival. Boris says that he and Mary are very happy together, but they are confused by such attention to their upcoming wedding.

“Frankly, we are a little tired of this hype around our relationship. Masha such a resonance is not expected”, – explained Livanov in an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.