Dima Bilan ticked off conversations about serious illness

Диму Билана вывели из себя разговоры о тяжелой болезни The singer went on a vacation in Africa that sparked rumors. Some fans Bilan believe he flew in a hot continent, to recover from a dangerous illness. The artist of these conjectures categorically denies.

The fans of Dima Bilan long discussed the rapid weight loss idol, his weary appearance. In the Network regularly appeared rumors about the disease musician. The actor decided to dispel the many myths and wrote in his Instagram angry post.

“Those who write about my illness or disease is clearly an unhealthy fantasy. I never wrote such review, if the food is to be treated. It is also necessary to think of flying to Africa to be treated! Probably to Dr. Dolittle,” – commented the situation the musician.

Fans immediately supported Bilan, wishing him a good rest on a hot continent. “Pay no attention to such nonsense. Such gossip a lot, but most importantly, you feel great”, “Dmitry, You are done! Want to take your time, It is popular and successful artist, so some of the pictures looks tired. The graph is saturated, and people write this out of envy,” – commented the singer fans his official statement.

Bilan himself admitted that went to Africa in order to see wild animals in their natural habitat. “I’m going there to kiss Zebra, giraffe iron! Too many projects ahead, concerts, important things — the experience I needed,” said the singer.

The first rumors about a serious illness of the artist appeared at the end of last year after the musician began to rapidly lose weight. Producer Bilan Yana Rudkovskaya, has denied this information, saying that her ward lost for the new project. However, fans of the singer continued to develop his unexplained illness.

By the way, the Dima out of the plane confused many fans. They came to the conclusion that the artist looks sad and tired. It is likely that the reason was a long flight: to get to Africa, the artist spent in the air for ten and a half hours.

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Besides, in autumn the artist has planned several major speeches. Singer does not deny that busy schedule of concerts takes a lot of energy, so he hopes to relax in the months ahead on the African continent.