Valery Leontiev built a house in Miami

Валерий Леонтьев построил дом в Майами The actor purchased the property from the Atlantic ocean. Here Valery Leontiev has already made luxuriously appointed and prepared everything for life and for receiving guests. “StarHit” learned how to look at the mansion, national pop stars and how much effort has been invested in it.
Валерий Леонтьев построил дом в Майами

Valery Leontiev makes every effort to provide for themselves and their loved ones comfortable. At this time the favorite of millions became the owner of square meters on the coast of the Atlantic ocean.

In the heart of coral Gables, home to many immigrants from Russia, the singer is a Villa with area 280 sq. m. But apparently the artist this was not enough. “StarHit” figured out how to Leont’ev approached the question of housing options, and found out what he did the accent in the interior.

“Valera has got a mansion not far from her old home says “StarHit” Gregory, a friend of the musician. – The idea tried not to spread. For several years quietly building a cottage. And when I was done and then it said closest. Gathered all to a housewarming party, where he boasted a mansion. As you come through the door, immediately see the house Leontiev! The interior is decorated in Safari style. The walls are leopard and tiger skins on the shelves and adorn statues of African animals. The furniture is also spotty.

Valera was personally involved in the design, hired the best professionals. In the new housing several bedrooms, a large living room, separate bathrooms. Very nice to get dinner on the porch in the yard he’s got a strange shaped bushes. Landscape designers have tried. The house also has a gym. Valerie is very kind to the health keeps himself in shape.”

In addition to real estate in Miami Leontyev there is a mansion in Spain and spacious apartment in the Russian capital. But the singer prefers the Atlantic coast. Apparently, the artist will spend there some time to completely recover and prepare for large-scale concerts at home.

“While Valera has no plans to come to Moscow, continues Gregory. Says: “to gain strength, to please the fans!”