Boris korchevnikov for the first time spoke on the subject of his paternity

Борис Корчевников впервые заговорил на тему своего отцовства
The presenter lifted the veil of secrecy of private life.

Boris Korchevnikov

Photo: @b.Boris korchevnikov Instagram Korchevnikov

Boris korchevnikov, a rare “phenomenon” in the world of show business: the fans about the personal life of a TV presenter known to very few. It is not listed or dramatic novels or scandalous partings. The presenter, who left not so long ago the program “live”, frankly admits in 35 years, he has long been “allowed” to have a large family. Boris dreams about her wedding day and the appearance of a large family, but yet in his personal life he was haunted by failure.

Boris still lives in the same apartment with her mom, and the absence of his girlfriend explains that growing up without a father and has not received a clear example of happy couples. “As a child I wandered the theatre, comes into the office and asked: “are Not you my father?” I have not had this example before my eyes, so I’m still not married. In my life there were relations, there were attempts several times to start a family, but it didn’t work out. It’s time to live with something most important…” — shares his thoughts korchevnikov.

However Boris often think about the theme of fatherhood. Broadcaster while that is not exactly how it will be daddy to their unborn child — he was more worried about whether a good husband to his wife? “I want to create a family. I’d really like to in this program, as usual, sat a large family… kids… wives. I wish it was so. My mom is desperate for grandchildren. I’m in all sorts of their sides I doubt it, but that’ll be a good dad — no!” — said Boris Timur Kizyakov in the program “When all the houses”.