Eva Longoria showed imperfect figure in a swimsuit

Eva Longoria showed imperfect figure in a swimsuit
The actress admitted that madly in love.

Eva Longoria


42-year-old Eva Longoria decided to please
their fans with recent photos taken during her vacation in Greece. Eva, who came here with his
spouse Jose Baston, whom she fondly calls “Pepe” feels so
happy I just can’t resist not to share overwhelming
her feelings.

As admitted Longoria, Baston — “the
the great love of her life”. “I just can’t believe that I was able to find it, because we
so well complement each other. The mere fact that I can hear the breathing
my husband next to me, makes me happy. It is not in what I
like to be a married lady. I’m just still madly in love with Pepe, and enjoy the fact that I’m his wife…” — told the actress.

Among other things, to Bastogne, wedding which
she played in may 2016 — after the affair, which lasted about two years,
Longoria managed to be married twice. From 2002 to 2004-vie years she was
the wife of actor Tyler Christopher. And from 2007 to 2010-s was legitimate
marriage to basketball player Tony Parker. However, she never did like public
confessions about their feelings toward their former husbands.

Now, eve feels so happy and
happy that even forgot about all of their complexes. After all, as decided by fans
new images from Greece, Longoria has demonstrated less than ideal
form. But it did not seem to care. The actress, clad in a tiny
bikini, performed for their fans wildly dancing, a video of which
published in his microblog. And now quietly ignores the accusations that
she was heavier, she shouldn’t expose her figure
show. After all, her belly even led some to suspect that she was “in
position”, which the actress denies.