Борис Грачевский устроит масштабный праздник в честь 1000-й серии «Ералаша» In the new release film starring the star of the film “Dislike” Matvey Novikov. 14-year-old actor played the schoolboy who saves a stray puppy. This spring in Moscow region will be a Grand festival for all fans of “Yeralash”.

The creators of “jumble” celebrate the anniversary. In the network appeared the 1000-th issue newsreel on TV of his show at least six months. A story called “Homeless friend”, which starred the star of the film “Dislike” Matvey Novikov, introductory speech Boris grachevskogo.

“This is a great holiday which we will celebrate as it should! From 21 to 25 March in Moscow will be a Grand festival celebration “jumble”. And the winners will receive the main role,” shared the Director.

In the story of the release of a boy rescues a stray dog, but then circumstances develop in such a way that the student suddenly stops to be a hero. At a press conference devoted to the premiere of the plot, Matvey Novikov very modestly explained his presence in the story. “It so happened”, – said the young artist, thanking Boris grachevskogo. The Creator of the “jumble” replied Matthew. Grachevskiy Novikova considers a very talented actor.

In 2018 the newsreel marks 44 years. “Th the story is for us a huge round number, says Grachevskiy. We lived a huge life, which was not not only in our lives, and comic”. The Director noted that the most important is the love of the audience. Talking to reporters, Grachevskiy explained the popularity of his creation.

“I was 12-year-old editor, who flings uninteresting subjects. I try to be aware of what is happening in children, monitor their interests”, – said Boris Titov.

In the opinion of the writer and Director of the film Alexey Shcheglov children do not change. “There are computers and smartphones, but the key values to which we dedicate the stories remain the same – love, friendship” – spoke one of the creators of “jumble”. Boris Grachevsky added colleagues.

“Just fall in love, cheat, cheat, cheat, scared. All the same. But in a totally different form – added the Creator of the newsreel. – I’ll tell you a secret why kids love the “jumble”. Because in the third minute of their attention ends. It is a tragedy. As soon as they starts to get bored, starts another story. The form that is descended from the older brother the Wick was laid in the joke. Russia has always made about them are treated”.