Алена Хмельницкая стесняется связи с молодым возлюбленным The actress has an affair with a man 12 years younger than her. Celebrity does not hide the relationship with the chosen one, however, afraid of condemnation from the public and journalists.

Khmelnytsky admitted that he is not ready to walk down the aisle. The new boyfriend of the actress Alexander also tries not to force things. “I was already married, Sacha were married. To say: “Oh, let’s get married!” – it is not about us. In General, nobody makes offers. We are together, just together…” – said Alena.

According to the artist, she considered Aleksandra a civilian spouse. Although for a long time, a celebrity could not understand what is for her a man.

“Not tolerate any definition. Boyfriend is funny, it’s some kind of childhood. Roommate is horrible… too intimate. My young man? Well, OK, if it is still possible to be a young man, then – Oh well. But I’m actually talking about him just this is my Sasha. A seven year old daughter Ksenia calls it: “Your fiancé,” says the actress.

The actress first told that he met with Alexander in nice. They met at a party, and after returning to Moscow, relations began to gain momentum.

“I was already free and can say, made an internal arrangement. Everything in life seemed new. It is always I was not alone, was always “we” and then became “I”. Studied this feeling that now I’m on my own. I thought: “well, Well, do what I want, go where you want. Guided only by himself. I have a profession, I have everything, thank God, a lot of all interesting.” And I’m not looking for a serious relationship. In my state, I was treated easily. Well, well, well met, hit it off great. I even could not imagine that this man will be me so close,” admitted Allen.

The actress said that the youngest daughter Ksenia easily found a common language with Alexander. The man played for hours with the girl and let baby everything. She once even painted the chosen famous mother children’s cosmetics. “And Sasha gave in and became covered in sequins. You know, there are people who do not know how to work with children, and there are those who know how. Here is easy and millet. Sasha can one stay with Ksenia, to feed, give to drink, to do the homework. And it is not strained,” recalled Khmelnytsky.

Alena also told that the eldest heir of Alexander, of which 23 took beloved mother very well. They found a lot to talk about. “They are generally talking about everything, as happens in ordinary families. Because, despite the lack of formal marriage, we are all native people, we are together and we’re family,” added the actress.

However, lovers still have some problems in the relationship. Alexander was not used to the increased attention, for it is feat to go somewhere with a famous actress.

“I have long since learned to ignore, to defend, to drop off these views. And he didn’t. It for stress and savagery, when the offer: “Let’s get a picture with you!” He doesn’t understand why I’m so happy doing it. And I explain that it’s much easier than to refuse. In General, we have a lot of things that have to be overcome. And age they do not relate… That we somehow smoothly passed. The only thing that annoys me that I got into trend. Just like some Chapter from “Sex in the city”. Think: wow, now I will begin to discuss, and I will be in line with all these ladies over forty who decided to make life with a young man…” – shared experiences Khmelnytsky.

However, Alexander is convinced that this is just the internal systems of the actress. “By the way, his two older sisters. And one of them is the same age as me. Maybe that’s why Sasha is so easy to communicate with me,” said Allen in an interview with “7 days”.