Boris Grachevskiy changed her image

Борис Грачевский резко сменил имидж
The father “jumble” now do not know own daughter.

Boris Grachevsky in the film “Be my producer”

Photo: Yuri Feklistov

Film Director Boris Grachevsky has changed beyond recognition. Having grown a “Professor” goatee and wearing thick horn glasses, Boris is now little resemblance to the “father “jumble”, the best way to see the surrounding and their families, including three-year old daughter Vasilisa.

To experiment with the appearance of 67-year-old Grachevskiy went not for the sake of his beloved young singer Ekaterina Belotserkovsky (surrounding expect that the pair will soon formalize the relationship). New image Boris tried solely for the sake of filming a movie. The fact that the Director Maxim Voronkov proposed Grachevskom role in his new Comedy, “Be my producer”.

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