Olga Buzova tries to return the fans

Ольга Бузова пытается вернуть поклонников For three days the TV host can’t restore your page in the microblog. After hacking the account of Olga Buzova in the social network, she was able to find a way out of the situation. Now she communicates with fans on behalf of his boutique.

      Ольга Бузова пытается вернуть поклонников

      Many celebrities constantly delight fans of the bright moments of his life. Anyone can be close to the idol through social media. Loyal followers respond for each publication the stars “likes” and comments.

      Leading reality show “Dom-2” Olga Buzova is one of the most popular personalities of Russian show business in “Instagram”. Her life was interested in more than four million subscribers. But a recent account of stars all photos. As it turned out, the attackers hacked into the personal page presenter in the social network. But to the delight of fans, Olga was another account created to promote her brand clothes. It was there that the star of the air reported that it was unable to get in touch with loyal fans. But and hurried to prevent the emergence of fake pages saying that still would appear in the microblog his store.

      “My good, in connection with the hacking of my page I’m temporarily here! But this page continues to operate as a boutique. No other accounts I didn’t create! Thank you for your support. We are trying to figure everything out now! Your Olga Buzova,” wrote TV presenter.

      Fans were a little upset that unknown decided to harm her. However, they supported Busovo, saying that will be looking forward to restore your account.

      “Olga, you’re the most beautiful, the best, don’t worry everything will be fine, your people are always with you. We love you!”, “Everything will be OK! God is not so cruel, whoever did this will be punished by God! You need to be happy,” “Olga, that’s awful. I loved Your “Instagram”. I hope You will be able to recover your account! If not – create new one, we will be happy to sign up for You again! Hold on!” – fans cheered.

      Now Olga is doing everything possible to quickly get in touch with friends and fans. Despite the machinations of ill-wishers, fans are confident the new page Buzovoy or restored old quickly gaining popularity.

      I must say that the accounts of celebrities in social networks quite often under attack by hackers. So, were hacked pages Sati Casanova, Anfisa Chekhova, Nelly Ermolaeva and others. Luckily for fans, the stars were able to quickly re-establish contact with your subscribers.

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