Борис Галкин ради дочери отказался от дома The birth of a child changed the plans a 70-year-old actor. Boris Galkin for my daughter abandoned the construction of the house. The actor said that taking care of little Anne, which is less than a year, takes a lot of time and money.
Борис Галкин ради дочери отказался от дома

Film and theater actor, honored artist of the country Boris Galkin for the first time became a father last summer. To this the actor brought up the foster son, Vlad, and daughter Mary.

Five years ago Boris S. married for the fourth time for the singer and Director Inna Razumihina. He was 65, she 40. The couple spend much time together, give concerts, work in movies. The news that 44-year-old wife gave birth to Galkin’s actor’s daughter, became a sensation. Interesting position of the wife Galkin concealed from the public, as previous attempts to have ina was unsuccessful. The child was long-awaited for both.

The daughter of 70-year-old Boris Galkin was born prematurely

Now my daughter Anna is nine months. In the “Stars aligned”, dedicated to the beginning of the summer season, Boris Galkin confessed that he could not build a house, because it dedicates all his time and most of the money spent on the child.

Four years ago, Galkin has bought a large plot of half a hectare in 125 kilometers from Moscow. He had a plan for building a house, but a daughter…

“There was a project, everything has been thought of from beginning to end, but my daughter was born, and the project had to be frozen… we Have the most important thing was childbirth. It took time and money. Children expensive part, so long as the construction is impossible”, – said Boris Sergeyevich.
Борис Галкин ради дочери отказался от дома

But Galkin is no slouch and a real plot with a pond and a hundred young pine trees is not going to sell. Promised our viewers and Studio guests that will build the building, which will be furnace and fireplace. “I have a lot of experience: two houses with a fireplace, so I understand the futility and absurdity of large scale”, – confessed Boris.

Galkin also told us why she chose this place – the village Koshelevo in Lotoshinsky district, Moscow region.

“Near Zavidovo nature reserve and there in the forest a few people and a lot of mushrooms, lakes and in many fish and not enough fishermen. In addition, it is a hundred kilometers from the city of Rzhev where the parents live ina. My father in law – Victor p., with whom we are good mates,” said Boris Galkin.

In fact, father-in-law, son-in-law who is older than just one year, Boris S. calls him by name, just Victor. The actor admitted the leading program that the parents of his wife Inna are extremely happy to finally be grandparents. “I can tell when Viktor arrives, it shines a whole”, – said Galkin.