Natalia Selezneva was seriously injured

Наталья Селезнева получила серьезную травму The actress broke her hip and had surgery. Husband of Natalya Seleznyova said that now his wife is rapidly recovering and is already planning to go on a diet. The star herself has not commented on his health.
Наталья Селезнева получила серьезную травму

Actress Natalia Selezneva recently once again came to the hospital. The star of the film “Ivan Vasilyevich changes occupation” broke her hip, then had surgery. The husband of actress Vladimir Andreev told about the health of the beloved in the program “You wouldn’t believe!”. According to the man, his beloved is on the mend, but the injury is quite serious.

“Now Natasha is already better. She stoically endured the whole story. Launched the trauma, thought self-will. In the end, she had to have an operation on her hip. Kept stoically. She’s not thrown her, thank God, there is someone to care. I spend almost all the time. Now the wife is already planning to return to work and to go on a diet,” – said Andreev.
Наталья Селезнева получила серьезную травму

According to the man, Seleznev was injured accidentally. Hip fracture in old age can result in a significant reduction in locomotor activity, but Natalia is trying by all means to prevent it. “She wants to do and go,” – said Andreev.

Previously Natalie has repeatedly complained that was too much to get to the hospital. The star had a broken arm, and once received serious facial injuries during a fall on the street. Despite all these problems, Seleznev tries to maintain an optimistic attitude. She tries to follow with her good looks and figure.

“Last year was for me very heavy in the physical plane. I got several injuries. Know that I’m not in the best shape, but I plan to work on it,” previously said the movie star.

Fans of Natalia was concerned about the news about the problems with her health. They hope that the artist will be able to fully recover after a serious injury and return to work. Now Selezneva in ‘ 72, but she looks much younger than his age. The favorite of the audience is not ready to abandon active acting. The star continues to periodically appear on television, to carry out creative activities and workshops.

Spouse Selezneva, Vladimir is always around her. The lovers have been together for 50 years, but never tire of confessing each other’s feelings. According to Natalia, she immediately saw the future husband is the perfect choice. Andreev, in turn, perpetually enjoy the beauty and talent of his wife.