Боно хотел провести выступление U2 на МКС

The leader of the Irish band U2, Bono was refused to hold a concert on the International space station. Singer appealed with this request, even to Hilary Clinton in seeking support but have not received it.

According to the Washington Post, referring to the letters from the archive of bill and Hillary Clinton, the Irishman wanted to do this back in 2009. Then the assistant Hilary, who held the post of Secretary of state of the United States of America, huma Abedin was puzzled by this question and didn’t know how to respond to such a request. She decided to ignore the letter from Bono, who, incidentally, at that time a sickly sponsored by the Clinton Foundation, designed “to strengthen the capacity of people around the world to accept the challenges of global independence”.
A letter to Bono, was published by the American organization Judicial Watch (the so-called Judicial watch), which accuses Hillary of corruption. Yesterday, the FBI released more than fifteen thousand letters. It is unknown stopped any sponsorship of the Fund by the Irish.
Recall that Hillary Clinton is the most likely candidate for the US presidency, the election is to be held in October this year. The main opponent of Mrs. Clinton is the representative of the Republican party, Donald trump, the ratings of which in recent times punch the bottom because of its loud and often irrational statements.

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