Боня о романе с миллиардером: «Мы говорили о квантовой физике» With billionaire Pierre Ancyranum Russian TV star met in London. Victoria Bonia rarely shares details of his personal life, but recently admitted that the oligarch was fascinated by her intelligence. Despite the whirlwind romance, Victoria until I moved to the elect, but already introduced him to her daughter.
Боня о романе с миллиардером: «Мы говорили о квантовой физике»

“He’s not a millionaire and billionaire”, is deliberately emphasized by the stars in conversation with journalists. With 41-year-old businessman, 38-year-old model met London. The owner of the investment Fund Andurand Capital, according to Victoria Boni, charmed it is not unlimited credit card, and mind. As admitted former star of “House-2” with a businessman she could talk to about absolutely everything. And especially quantum physics is the favorite subject of the Wiki.

“He’s successful, brilliant. We talked about dark matter, black holes, and quantum physics. This was the only man who could with me to support this conversation,” shared Victoria.

Despite a thriving affair, the presenter is in no hurry to pack your bags and move to the chosen one. According to Victoria, she continues to live in his house in Monaco, while Pierre has been in business in London. Free time the couple tries to spend in each other’s company. A recent model introduced to Pierre with daughter Angelina Smurfit.

For the billionaire’s relationship with the Russian star is not the first such experience. He was already married to a model from Russia, but two years ago the couple divorced. In marriage a daughter – the same age as the successor to Boni.

The oligarch tries in no way to deny his beloved. So, during the Cannes film festival, he presented her with a gift of a luxury Dior dress, sewn in a single copy.

Recall, a few years Victoria Bonia has lived in a civil marriage with millionaire Alex Servicom. Fans of the star believed that the heir of a rich family still call her in marriage, but that did not happen. Despite the breakup, the former couple maintained a good relationship for daughter Angelina-Laetitia.