“Black widow” from Marvel will receive a separate movie

«Черная вдова» от Marvel получит отдельный фильм

The President of Marvel studios announced plans to create another separate movie about the superhero, appeared in “the Avengers”. This time we are talking about Natalia Romanov a.k.a.Black widow played by Scarlett Johansson.

“We announced the creation of nine film until 2019, ten – if you consider “the First avenger: Civil war”. We were almost to the end, and then we will start active discussions about who else we would like to portray. Discusses options for Hawkeye, Black widow and others. Today we are ready to show the story of the Black widow”.

“It seems to us that Scarlett Johansson is amazing I can imagine this character on the screen. It is, in our opinion, is the leader of the Avengers. There’s a lot she wanted to say, it would be interesting to see in the film is already detached,” concluded the President, with the creation date of the tape or its release on the screens indicated.

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